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What does the term Feral mean?  A feral cat is a cat or kitten not socialized to humans.  They are members of the domestic cat species and ARE protected under state anti-cruelty lawsFeral cats are unsocialized to humans for one of three reasons:

  1. Born without human contact (feral)
  2. Strayed
  3. Abandoned

 The terms "feral" and "stray" have different meanings.  A "feral" cat is an unsocialized cat born outside and never having lived with a human family.  Feral cats avoid human contact.  A "stray" cat either strayed from home and became lost or was abandoned and adjusted to living outdoors.  Feral cats "generally" can NOT be socialized, however, stray cats can be re-socialized and adopted. 

Feral cats should NOT be taken to animal control pounds or shelters because they are not adoptable and will be
KILLED.  Feral cats LIVE outdoors and are KILLED in shelters, even no-kill shelters.

Past practice of "taking care of" feral cat 
colonies in your neighborhood was to catch and kill - a cruel and inhumane cycle that is extremely costly to taxpayers.  Many studies have proven that the killing of feral cats does not end the cycle of feral cat colonies.  However, studies have shown that when cats are removed from their outdoor home, it makes room for nearby survivors to move in and continue the breeding cycle.  The "catch and kill"method, better known as the "vacuum effect" is a well documented study proving its ineffectiveness.  Studies have also shown that the incidence of disease in feral cats is as low as domesticated house cats. 

The question is, "do you believe the feral cat deserves to live?"   If yor answer is yes, then you are already an 
advocate for feral cat rights.  Focus on Ferals was organized to end the overpopulation of feral and stray/abandoned felines in Franklin County, NY via a TNR Program.  We are a small dedicated group of individuals determined to help you help us solve your feral cat colony issues through spay and neuter. 

If you have a colony of cats in your neighborhood you have probably asked yourself one of the following questions:

  1. How do I live with cats in my neighborhood?
  2. Are outdoor cats high-risk carriers for disease?
  3. Should outdoor cats be killed?
  4. Why do the neighborhood cats do that?   
  5. Can feral kittens be adopted?
  6. Can feral cats live a long, healthy life? 
  7.  What does TNR mean?  
  8.  What are some ways I can help feral cats? 
  9.  How can I make a difference and save lives in my community?
  10. What is the most humane way to end the overpopulation of feral/stray and abandoned cats in my community?
  11.  How do I get involved?

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