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Here are pictures of some of our cats and kittens who have found their "furever"home. 

Success Stories

Update on Oreo from her new family

Oreo/  we call her Caly and she responds to it now.  She has come a long way.  She still hides some but she definitely gets around the house.  She is very playful.  She enjoys hair ties the most…  She is relentless when it comes to being petted she now immediately climbs on the bed at night for her attention.  And several times in the middle of the night.  Her eye does have fluid that does drain but it is clear and doesn’t crust up, think the petting clears it away.  She has the most precious meow, soft and sweet.   She is a very spoiled kitty.


Congratulations to Colleen who was adopted into her FURever home.  Colleen was one of two cats abandoned in a home without food or water this summer. We rescued her, when a concerned neighbor heard the cats cry in the house, but knew that the house was no longer occupied by anyone.  Colleen now has a loving home, where she will be cared for, as she should. 

Harmony aka Tiberius

UPDATE from his new family!
We changed Harmony’s name to Tiberius. He is doing very well. He was very shy at first and transitioning little better each day. He either sleeps with my son or at the end of my bed. Tiberius has introduced himself to Novella our Great Dane. I will just say there will be no problems there. Tiberius runs the Pet show lol.

UPDATE from his new family!

D.C. is doing great.  He has adjusted rapidly to his new environment.  He gets along well with our other cat "Monster". They now snuggle up together, when they aren't playing or running around.  He is gentle with my 10 month old daughter, she loves to wave a string for him to play with.  He curls up with us when we go to bed, insisting on being snuggled and pet.  D.C. is a welcome addition to our family and we are happy with him.  More importantly he is happy with his new family. 



A Note from Crimsons New Family
We are so happy to have Crimson in our household! He has quickly become a member of the family. Our dog Henry had no problem getting use to him, and now whenever Henry leaves the room, Crimson quickly follows. Crimson has claimed the glider rocker in the living room as his own, but is always climbing over to the couch to get some loving! We may have to get a bigger bed being as how we have the dog and the cat! Crimson still sneezes, but it doesn't seem to be much. We have gone to a different cat littler than clay, to see if the dust is what is causing him to sneeze. He is such a good cat, but with many little quirks-we think he is so funny! Crimson likes to stare at the shadows in the rooms. He will sit there for hours just watching for them to move! He also likes to push the water dish around the floor so all the water splashes out. I think he is just telling me the floor needs to be mopped! He really is an amazing kitty. We love him so much and am so glad we were able to adopt him! I am enclosing a photo so you can see how content he is! Again, thank you for letting us adopt Crimson! I don't even remember what the house was like before he came to us! 




Update from Piper's family
Piper wanted to thank you for allowing her to go home and join our family. 


UPDATE:   In 2015 Focus on Ferals had 368 Adoptions!  

More than 368 homeless cats and kittens have been adopted in 2015 and found  their furever homes compared to 207 in 2014,  120 in 2013 and 44 in 2012.   Thanks to you!!

476 Cats have been Spayed or Neutered in 2015 compared to 387 cats in 2014

We have made great strides between 2011 and 2015, and are extremely proud of what we have accomplished.

So far since 2011 we have had 759 adoptions and 1165 spay/neutered, so we are on our way to a successful venture. However,
we still have several  Cats & Kittens presently in Foster Care waiting patiently for their chance for a furever home; and several more waiting to be rescued.  Please contact us, if you are interested in adopting, or providing foster care!

Kobie was approx. 6-8 weeks old when he was captured in a Have-a-Heart cage alone with his sister Emma.  He was neutered at 8 weeks and tested negative for Leukemia and FIV.  Kobie adapted quickly in his Foster Home until he was adopted January 2010.  Kobie loved his canned food and his temptation treats everyday.  He was not shy about asking for attention either.  When Kobie was seeking attention he would simply start climbing your leg until he was picked up.  Kobie loved to be in your arms, on your lap or sitting on your shoulder as you walked around the house.  He was very energetic, yet loving.  He plays well with other cats and gets along well with dogs.  It was very difficult not to LOVE him. 





Update from Fuzzy's New Family
Fuzzy is doing wonderful.   He and the dog love each other!   My other cat is still hissing at him but she will get over it....eventually!!!!!







A note from her new family!
Whiskey is doing wonderful he is part of the gang I will forward you photos he has put on a few pounds as he has a good appetite along with the other cats and dog he fits right in we are very happy to have him and lucky to have found him thank you so very much

A Note from Velvets & Truffels New Family!
The kittens are doing well. I have renamed them to "Sassy and Angel".
Sassy is doing great, she has adapted extremely well. Angel is taking a
little longer but I am sure she will come around. they play with each
other and run around the house.
 They have given us a lot of laughs and love already and I do not foresee
returning them.
 Thank you for everything you do for these animals. I, for one am really
happy that you do.



A note from her new family!
 Connie who we now call pepper is doing well. She was not eating at first but is now eating good portions. She's still very shy n skittish and like to hide under our bed. She does come around and if we approach her slow and below her nose instead of on top of her head she allows us to rub and scratch her neck. We are hoping that with time she will come out more and cuddle


Ella was found in July 2009 at only 6 weeks old.  She was spotted just off the side of the road on Route 11B.  However, the individual did not pick her up, instead Ella found her way to the house and found shelter underneath the porch.  When the individual's dog was let outside one morning, the dog was barking viciously. The owner of the home determined there was something outside her home so she investigated and found Ella.  The SPCA was notified and Ella was brought to the vet.  She was dewormed and tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS.  She was neg. for both.  Ella was loaded with fleas but could not be given flea medication because she was not 8 weeks old.  Therefore, Ella was given 3 baths in 2 weeks to help keep the flea infestation under control.  Ella suffered from an upper respiratory and eye infection in September, but has since been adopted.  She is a very happy and affectionate kitten.  Ella was spayed at 8 weeks old.


Orphie (b/w) & Sunshine (calico) who were adopted into their FURever home together!!


Layla's new family wrote:
Layla Is doing great.  She is very playful and a joy to have in our home


Cooper aka  Duncan
Here are some photos of DUNCAN aka copper.. think its safe to assume he has fit in perfectly...

A Note from Cubby's new Family
As I type this, “Cubby”, whose new name is “Gibson” is sitting on my lap purring up a storm.  He has adapted quickly to his new home, making friends with our dogs and finding new toys in every room (whether or not they were designed as toys).  We expected several weeks for transition, but by the end of his second week here, he was sleeping on the bed.  We think he has decided we are good people for him to own. 

A note from her new family!
Sasha is doing amazing! She is everything we wanted in a cat.  She is very loving and loves to cuddle, yet independent. She is amazing with our 7 year old and sleeps with her every night. Sasha is doing great with our dogs. Both dogs are large breed dogs, one over 110 pounds, yet Sasha rules. They do what she "says".  She is best buds with our pit bull. They cuddle and take naps together on the couch. We are so happy to have her in our family. :-)



Sassy & Twitchy
A Note from their new family:
Just wanted to let you guys know both Sassy and Twitchy are both warming up and doing great. Sassy just started coming out and playing and what not Twitchy has from day one. Love them both and thank you guys

Olive's new family wrote:
Olive is great!  Very playful kitten.  She is fitting in well.  Thank you so much for your assistance in adopting her.





A Note from his new Family

He is doing great!

He is bonded with my eight-year-old daughter and follows her wherever she goes. He is starting to put on a little weight and gain a lot more mobility. He has a lot of fun watching the birds and squirrels in our yard and is probably the most talkative cat I've ever met. We love him very much and we feel very lucky to have him in our lives.   Thanks to your organization we now have a perfect fit to our little family. Thank you for all that you do


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