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ASPCA Spay/Neuter Grant

ASPCA Grant 
Funding to Assist low-income Pet Owners

Thanks to a grant received by the ASPCA, Focus on Ferals is proud to announce the initiation of it’s “Quarterly Spay/Neuter Program for Low-Income Residents. We are now accepting applications from low-income Franklin County residents, who wish to have their cats spayed or neutered.  A limited number of applications will be approved each quarter. 
Applications accepted while grant funds are available!!

Guidelines for Applicants

Franklin County Residents ONLY!!

Ø   Must be a cat or kitten(limit 2 per Household)

Ø  The cat or kitten must NOT have been imported from outside the state.

Ø   Applicant must be a NYS resident (proof required)

Ø   Applicant must meet the low income requirement or be receiving benefits from one of the following programs: (proof required)

·    -food stamps

·    -supplemental security income for the aged (SSI, SSD)

·    -blind and disabled

·    -low-incoming housing assistance

·    -Family Assistance

·    -Safety Net Assistance

·    -Medical Assistance

                  ·    -other similar programs suggested by the applicant or the ASPCA 
                            and approved by the Agriculture and Markets Commissioner


Ø   Adoption from a government shelter or non-profit animal welfare organization in NYS will require proof of low-income assistance and adoption form from an eligible shelter.


Ø   Cats or kittens adopted from organizations whose adoption fees include the cost of spay/neuter services are NOT eligible for spay/neuter services through grant projects


Ø  Funded with APCP (Animal Control Population Programs) funds.


Ø   We will be accepting 20 qualified applicants per quarter.
First Quarter Ends May 1, 2019, Second Quarter End August 1, 2019
 Third Quarter Ends November 1, 2019 and Fourth Quarter Ends February 1, 2020


Ø   Any veterinary services beyond the spay/neuter is the financial responsibility of the applicant.


Ø  Applicant will be required to forward a $10 NON-REFUNDABLE payment to Focus on Ferals when application is submitted.  Payment through PayPal also accepted. (specify:   Spay/Neuter Deposit)


Ø   If applicant is seeking assistance for a feral/stray cat for which they are caregiving, applicant must be sure cat is available the morning of surgery.  This may require trapping or confining the cat a day or two before the scheduled surgery date.  If you require assistance with trapping, supplies for confinement or transportation please email us at or call linda @ 518-651-5511.

    Ø   If applicant is unable to make scheduled appointment, a 48 hour notice is required.  This will allow us time to schedule             a cat from the waiting list.


Ø   If applicant is a “no show” for scheduled appointment, without adequate (48 hour) prior notification to Focus on Ferals, applicant will NOT be allowed to reapply during the next quarters.  We have too many deserving cats on a waiting list.


Ø   Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed or accepted and the $10 payment will NOT be refunded!!  No Exceptions!    CATS SHOULD ARRIVE AT THE VET CLINIC IN AN APPROPRIATE CAT CARRIER!  

How to Apply for the “Quarterly Spay/Neuter Grant for Low-Income 
Residents of Franklin County”


·      Spay/Neuter application 

·      Award/Eligibility Letter from Social Services/Government Program (proof of benefits)

·      proof of NYS and County residency 

·      $10 NON-REFUNDABLE payment (checks or money orders should be made out to Focus on Ferals


              To Apply Online:


1.     Visit our website at , complete the application and submit.


2.      Scan and email your proof of Social Services Benefits, Social Security  or 2018 Income Tax Return, NYS residency and/or adoption form (if cat/kitten was adopted from NYS shelter or rescue) and email to with the following format in the subject line:  First and last name/ supplementary documents   ie. Jane Smith/Spay/Neuter  supplementary documents


3.     Snail mail the required $10 NON-REFUNDABLE payment to Focus on Ferals PO Box 274 Brainardsville, NY 12915.   Checks & Money Orders can be made to Focus on Ferals with “spay/neuter” written on the memo line.  Applications will NOT be approved without the $10 NON-REFUNDABLE payment.


4.     Once all **required items** have been received, approved applicants will be notified by phone or email (if provided).   A surgery appointment shall be scheduled by the applicant,  and we will mail you the voucher to present to the vet clinic at the time of the appointment. 


5.     Deadline to submit application  varies by Quarter


To Apply by Mail:

1.     Visit our website at  to print a hard copy of the application OR call Linda at 518-651-5511 and we will mail you the application.  

2.     Complete the application, include proof of Social Services Benefits, Social Security or 2018 Income Tax Return, and NYS residency plus  a $10 NONREFUNDABLE payment and mail to Focus on Ferals PO Box 274 Brainardsville, NY 12915.  Applications must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2019 for the first quarter approval.

3.     Applications will NOT be approved without the $10 NON-REFUNDABLE payment!


Once all **required items** have been received, approved applicants will be notified by phone or email (if provided).  Applicant (you) will schedule a surgery appointment and when appointment is scheduled,  we will mail you the voucher to present to the vet clinic at the time of appointment. 

Any questions please contact our Project Coordinator at 518-651-5511

Income Guideline, if not receiving SSI or SSDI, 
or any Government assistance


Print Application Here

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