Focus on Ferals, Inc.

A  voice for Stray, Feral & Abandoned Cats and Kittens, who can’t speak for themselves!!

Malone, NY 12953

Non-Profit Forms

Focus on Ferals Non-Profit and Tax Documentation

Focus on Ferals is  a tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization, which annually files a Form 990N with the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of our exempt status, Incorporation Certificate, Determination Letter and Recognition of Exemption Application are listed below:


NYS Registered Shelter/Rescue

NYS Certificate of Incorporation

Exempt Organization Certificate.jpg

Determination Letter

Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption

Form 990N 2011 Tax Form

Form 990N 2012 Tax Form

Form 990N 2013 Tax Form

Form 990N 2014 Tax Form

Form 990EZ 2015 Tax Form
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