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Malone, NY 12953

Foster Care Program

Barley was found on County
Route 189 in Churubusco, NY.
She was approx. 4-5 weeks and
was intently feeding off a dead
grass snake on the side of the road.  She could have easily been killed by a passing car.  Barley was immediately adopted into a permanent loving home with another cat.  However, her sudden happy ending would be abruptly halted.  Barley became very lifeless late one night and was rushed to emergency.  After the examination, it was determined she was suffering from pneumonia.  She was also tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS to eliminate the possibility of these long-term illnesses.  Fortunately, she was negative for both.  Barley was sent home with antibiotics to clear her pneumonia.  After treatment, she suffered another episode of pneumonia and was given a stronger antibiotic and sent home.  Barley has recovered from both episodes and is living a cat's dream.  She was spayed on February 13, 2009 and looks forward to a long and healthy life.
Why volunteer with the Foster Care Program?  

Community volunteers engaging in our Foster Program maximizes the number of animals rescued.  It allows our organization, without a shelter, to care for animals in need.  Foster care provides a comfortable home setting and keeps the animals happy and healthy.  Our program not only involves people in our life-saving mission, but, it shows the community that no-kill is a joint effort.  

If you would like to join our Foster Care Program and help rescue homeless, injured, and abandoned animals complete the application below.

                                                     I am willing to foster the following:

  Feral Cat/Kittens
  Cat with Kittens
  Sick Cat/Kitten
  Adult Cat
  Cat/Dog post-surgery recuperation
Today's Date:
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Date of Birth:
Do you or have you ever owned a pet?
What type and how many animals do you currently have in your home?
Are animals currently in your home spayed or neutered?
Are all the animals in your home up-to-date with vaccinations?
Who is your local vet (we may call your vet as a reference)?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, who is your landlord?
What is your landlord's phone number?
Please describe the general area where the animal(s) you are fostering will be kept:
Do you have children and what are their ages?

Have you ever fostered animals before (this applies to any organization)?

Why are you interested in fostering an animal?:
Are you willing to allow Focus on Ferals to visit the animal(s) at your home?
Are you willing to abide by all animal control laws with regard to your foster animals?
Sometimes we try to have animals adopted directly from a foster home...
Can a prospective adopter call you regarding your foster animal?
Can they visit your home to see the animal?
Please provide three references.

As a foster parent, you will be required to keep your foster dog(s) on a leash or enclosed (within a fence adequate for the animal or in a home) at all times.  Foster cats must be kept indoors at all times.  By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you will abide by these provisions.

As a foster parent, you may have an animal in your care for a short period of time (1 week) or an extended period of time (as many as 3 months or more).  This will frequently be determined when you receive an animal to be fostered.  However, this amount of time is subject to change depending on circumstances with Focus on Ferals.  If you know that you will be on vacation during the period of time you are being asked to foster, you are obliged to inform Focus on Ferals as such.  This will allow us to find the most suitable temporary accommodations for your animal.  

By submitting this application you understand that cats may scratch on furniture, clothing, or other objects and you are comfortable with this behavior.  You may be asked, by Focus on Ferals only, to complete evaluation forms on the animal.  You agree to be entirely honest and forthright regarding the animal's condition, be it positive or negative.  All medical expenses of the foster animal are at the expense of Focus on Ferals and will be notified if medical attention is needed.  There is some risk to your own animals and Focus on Ferals is not responsible for your own pets' medical treatment.  Focus on Ferals is the legal guardian of your foster animal.  You understand that the Focus on Ferals has the final authority in regards to the animal's adoption, treatment, or disposition.

I understand that, should I decide I would like to adopt the animal(s) I am fostering, I will be required to contact Focus on Ferals and complete the adoption application procedure. 

I understand that the said rescue group cannot guarantee the health, temperament, or training of the animal(s) I am fostering.  I, hereby for myself, heirs, administrators and assigns, fully, irrevocably, and unconditionally, release and agree to hold harmless Focus on Ferals (rescue group) and its individual members and/or volunteers from any and all known or unknown, anitcipated or unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected and/or fixed, conditional, or contingent, actions, causes of action, charges, suits, debts, demands, claims, contracts, covenants, liens, rights, liabilities, losses, royalties, cost, expenses (including without limitation, attorney's fees) or damages, including but not limited to any medical costs, damages to property, persons or other pets, of every kind, nature and description, at law or in equity, in connection with or arising from while I am caring for the agreed rescue animal. 

While you are caring for foster animals, we may call you from time to time to check on the animals' progress and address any concerns you may have. 

By submitting this application, you agree to the above statements and certify that the answers given above are true. 



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