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Adoption Application


All Applicants are screened very carefully, therefore, animals will only be placed in APPROVED homes, which we feel are acceptable and a good fit for the cat or kitten. Please answer All questions.  Incomplete applications will not be processed!
Thank you

Focus on Ferals

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Will you be adopting this pet for:  Yourself, Companion, Gift or Other? 
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Current Landlord's Name: *
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 Is Your partner/spouse aware that you are adopting an animal? Yes or No or N/A: *

Is your Landlord aware that you are adopting an animal? Yes or No?: *

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Do you own other pets? Yes or No: *
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 How Many Cats in Household?: *  
Are they spayed and/or neutered? Yes/No/NA: *

Have you had, prior to this adoption, the type of pet you are applying for? yes or no: *

How long did you have the animal?: *

Are you prepared to make a 10-20 year commitment? Yes or No: *
Who is your veterinarian and/or clinic?: *
What is your veterinarian's phone #: *

A new pet requires time to adjust to a new environment. Are you willing to allow at least 30 day for this adjustment period? (If animal is returned prior to the 30 day time period, no fees will be refunded. Yes or No?: *

Are you aware that the cost of vet care for a pet can be anywhere from $60 to $200 annually? Yes or No?: *

Are you financially secure to care for this animal? (This would include feeding a well balanced diet, providing routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, physicals, standard tests and prevention of parasites, as well as, providing necessary emergency care, etc.) 
Yes or No?:

Will you be having this animal declawed or will you be trimming nails?: Please Specify declaw or trim! *

 Indoor or outdoor cat? or  Both?: *

Have you ever surrendered an animal? Yes or No?: *
If yes, what was the reason and where is the animal now?:
How do you feel about signing a legal contract agreeing to sterilization of the animal?: *
 Are you working... Full-time, Part-time, Retired, Attending School, Other (specify)?: *
If other, please explain...: *
Current Employer's Name: *
Employer's Phone #: *

How long have you been employed at your present job? (if less than 1 year, also list previous employer) *
Please list two references name and phone number (preferably not relative): *
 Have you Adopted from Focus on Ferals in the Past: 
What life circumstances would warrant you to surrender your adopted cat/kitten back to Focus on Ferals?*

(Please read carefully)

____1.  I certify the information I have given is true/accurate to the best of my knowledge.
____2.  As a requirement for this adoption, I agree to complete, initial, sign and date the contract and understand there is a 24-48 hour waiting period for the application process to be completed.

____3.  I authorize Focus on Ferals to contact landlords, veterinarians, employers and/or references in order to investigate all statements in the application and my ability to adequately provide for a new companion.

____4.  I understand the process of adoption includes an online and/or physical property search, vet check, landlord check, phone interview (two if necessary) in order to make an informed decision regarding the adoption of the cat/kitten stated on this application. There will be an exit interview and review of this contract with a Petsmart volunteer/employee (at Petsmart in Plattsburgh) prior to the finalized adoption.

____5.  I acknowledge the right of a Focus on Ferals representative to conduct follow-up phone calls and/or emails in order to insure the happiness, safety and well-being of my adopted companion animal. I agree to relinquish ownership of my adopted pet to Focus on Ferals if found, at any time, that I am, in any way, acting against this contract. I agree to provide Focus on Ferals with a valid email address so they may conduct a timely follow-up of my adopted pet.

____6.  If, at any time, for any reason, you are no longer able to or wish to care for your adopted companion, he/she shall be returned to Focus on Ferals ONLY!  You agree not to give or sell said cat/kitten to any third party including, but not limited to, a shelter, rescue, friend, relative, neighbor, acquaintance, etc.

____7.  I understand, if, in 30 days of the date of this contract, I feel my new companion is not adjusting well to his/her new environment, I may return the animal to Focus on Ferals for a FULL REFUND of the adoption fee.  If I choose to return my adopted companion prior to the 30 days for any reason, other than aggression, my adoption fee is NON-refundable.

About This Cat

____8.  I understand that Focus on Ferals does not always know the
             complete history of their rescue animals and cannot and/or will
             not be responsible for any illnesses or problems that occur after       adoption.


____9.  I understand that the animal I am adopting has been vet checked and to the best of Focus on Ferals’ knowledge is healthy. I also understand that, if my adopted companion animal has any health or medical conditions, Focus on Ferals has been forthcoming with the necessary information.


____10. I understand that Focus on Ferals recommends that this cat NOT be allowed to run loose and that this cat NOT be declawed for other than medical reasons.


____11. I understand and agree that Focus on Ferals, its Board of Directors, Officers, volunteers, members, affiliates, associates and/or family members and relatives of all mentioned will not be held legally and/or medically liable for any bodily injury incurred by you from your newly adopted pet and/or property damage during and/or after the transaction of this contract.

 Signature of Applicant or Legal Guardian (Must be 21 years old or older) *  
 I certify that I am at least 21 years old and by law able to enter into a legal binding  contract  
Please type your name as signature for this application/contract: *

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