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 June 2015 Newsletter



  Make a Difference.. You can "Make a Difference" this year, in the life of homeless cats like Brooklyn & Georgia by donating today.   Help us Help them!

 Focus on Ferals believes that  feral, homeless,  and stray cats and kittens deserve humane treatment and care, as all cats do. Our volunteers include a group of community people, who have opened their hearts and given their time to improve the quality of life of these animals, forgotten by so many.  There are so many ways you, as a community member, can make a difference in this organization. If you are interested in helping by becoming a volunteer, foster parent, or by making a donation, please contact us.


News Alert for the Franklin County Area!

dated:  3/20/2015

We were just informed by North Franklin Veterinary Services in Chateaugay NY that a raccoon has tested positive for rabies between the Westville and Fort Covington, NY area. Please share this information on your page and always remember to get your pets vaccinated for rabies. It's so very important and you always can find rabies clinics where you live to help with the cost if needed.

Our Pick of the Month...

Meet the beautiful Fern, she is looking for her forever home. Here is a little bit about her: Fern’s owners lost their home to a fire and she was forced to live outside all summer. When the owners didn’t return for her the neighbor brought her to the vet clinic to be euthanized before winter. We think she deserves a home instead. Low maintenance, she loves napping, affection and follows humans around like a dog would. She would love to find her forever home, maybe your home will be the one. You can find this gorgeous kitty on and There are also many kitties there looking for a forever home, so check out the sites; enter the zip code 12915 and put in Focus on Ferals. If you are interested send us a private message or email, and we will schedule a meeting. Thanks so much 



"Save a Life One at a Time"

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